Date posted: June 18, 2014
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Mapfactor Step by Step

Mapfactor is helping people get onto the map! You can use your phone or tablet as long, as it has access to the internet, to plot different things on the map. Below you can follow the steps on how to make a trail for other people to follow!


Step 1: – Write some challenges that is linked to the trail you want to make.

Mapfactor Step 1


Step 2: Use stickers to write your challenges or clues.

Mapfactor Step 2


Step 3: Stick the stickers in different places around your trail.

Mapfactor Step 3


Step 4: The Mapfactor app is handy to plot the sticker position on a map.

Mapfactor Step 4


Step 5: People following the trial can use the app to find the clues/challenges and leave a comment.

Mapfactor Step 5

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Mapfactor Step by Step

6 This is a step by step guide of how to lay a Mapfactor trail and using the app to add comments too.