SprungDigi Relix

DRILL HALL – 10th & 11th July TIME:  10 – 4pm. Our SprungDigi Darius plays an archaeologist or ‘gardener’ as Darius puts it, in this simple to play retro game made as part of FrancoJam with our sponsors,  Creative Assembly in November 2014 that involved 50+ international game designers.   Building in ‘diversifiers’ – things we wanted to see e.g. memory features, lost and found, the game has now been developed with sound effects using digital software and found/made sounds created alongside a group from the Strawford day centre in Horsham. The finished game will be playable in a designated room at the Drill Hall. Play against your friends in this fun and easy to play, 2 player game!



Come play our computer game featuring Darius!