SprungDigi Dares U!

DARES ACROSS THE TOWN 10 – 4pm – get your briefing and loadup at THE DRILL HALL

This is an interactive game developed around an accessible SprungDigi Mapfactor app and online map of Horsham with ‘dares’ designed by our SprungDigi Crew. This game will transfer to Brighton Digital Festival September 2015 and can be designed around any town.  The map has been made by SprungDigi Artist Annalees Lim and the Sprungdigi Newspaper Group.

You will need a 4g phone or tablet to play, so bring a family member or a friend with a good gadget.  The game will take about an hour to complete and will have you completing fun dares all around town!


SprungDigi Dares U!

Play our mobile phone game around town and complete our SprungDigi dares!