Date posted: October 20, 2014
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Safety Advice with Andy Kee!

Andy is our health and safety guru with oodles of advice that we may not think of ourselves. Andy gives us these words of wisdom to help us stay safe whilst we are getting connected!

Have fun with your tech!  You’re better in a group, it’s safer that way. It’s better working in group as you can have more creative thoughts. If there’s more of you it helps as you can’t always do a selfie by yourself.  It will be a lot more fun and a lot safer.

Below are some snaps of Andy showing us that you need to be careful if you are using your tech in public (like when we were on the streets at Brighton Digital Festival 2014) as it could get broken or stolen!

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Health and Safety with Andy Kee

7 Andy tells us how we can stay safe when we are using our technology.