Date posted: June 13, 2014
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Digi Dasa 23 – blog 1

Hi My name is Darius. I am part of the SprungDigi crew.  I like looking at my e-reader & smart phone.  I am learning about tech and digital media in Brighotn.  I have learned how to make digital animation with my creation ‘skele-wasp’.  I have also seen how to create digital muis using many sounds.  I also took part in.  A ‘map quest’ exercise, by electronically geo-tagging points of interact in Brighton and streaming live images..  I mostly enjoyed creating sounds and my skele – wasp although i liked the Map session, I found crowds of people difficult to cope with I am enjoying the project and think that the Digi Streets Arts Fair will be great.

my digital life - wednesdays & fridays

my digital life – wednesdays & fridays

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Darius Hawkins Blog 1

Darius tells us about his Skele Wasp film, his digital music making & how busy Brighton was today