Date posted: June 13, 2014
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Digi Dino on wheels 1

Sometimes i need to use a wheelchair to help me get about and i like to do it myself as much as I can but it can get tricky when there are hills and things and when pavements are not level because sometimes the wheels get stuck and when the ground’s uneven, it goes downwards not straight and when people they don’t realise they would like to get past and stand in the way talking too much.  Today doing the Mapfactor i was pushed.  It was difficult to map and to cross the road because the cars were in the way .The app broke! no it didn’t really, we had problems with the map stopping and not uploading the pictures.  The curbs they are too high and they don’t realise people in wheelcharis need to get on and off them.  Even the little one, they are still hard to get off from the road to pavement.   I’d like mapfactor to help people get around, in wheelchairs, without high curbs.

putting our clues up near the coffee shop

putting our clues up near the coffee shop


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