Date posted: November 16, 2014
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Game Jam

Thanks to our friends at Creative Assembly, we were asked to be involved with their 48 hour game jam that they have called ‘Franco Jam’ in memory of their colleague¬†Simon Franco (Senior Programmer) who passed away in June. The teams gathered on Friday to learn the SprungDigi inspired theme of ‘Hide and Seek’ which all the games had to be based around. There was bonus points if the game involved ‘memory’, and our very own DigiDarius! Teams were also encouraged to think as accessible as possible. 48 hours, lots of food and very little sleep later the teams produced the most fantastic games, all livestreamed for the gaming community to see on Sunday evening. Can you spot DigiDarius in some of the games? Or some of his favourite things? Look out for kiwi fruit, carrots, and the Hunger Games too!


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