Date posted: March 4, 2015
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Recording our Voices!

On Friday 27th March 2015, our SprungDigi crew got together with some of the people from the Strawford Centre for a fantastic day of music and sounds!

In the morning we worked with Julia, Jack, Adam and Kay to record more voices for our theme song. We warmed up all together to make sure our singing was the best it could be and stood up tall, ready to sing the chorus and other group parts of the song.

Then in the afternoon we welcomed Will, Cain and Doug from Creative Assembly who showed us how to record sounds for computer games! It was not what we expected, using everyday objects like pots and pans to make fun sounds. We also used something called a ‘vocoder’ which changed our voices to sound like computers, like Daleks from Dr Who!

Have a look at our pictures – we had a great day and we are looking forward to sharing the finished song with you soon!

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Our Voices

7 These are the photos from our music recording day!